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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

11 April 2018

Excellent weather conditions attracted 84 starters to this evening’s Broulee run/walk.  We welcomed Tino and Laura Lopresti and also Elise Butler to their first run with the group.  Damien Lyons, a visitor on holidays from Melbourne ran strongly in the 5 kilometres and enjoyed the occasion and promise to return and promote the event.  It was a special occasion for two recent mothers in Michelle Mitchell carrying baby Lucinda and Regina Knobel carrying baby Lotte.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Vaughn Gilligan, Mitchell Beby, Poppy Melgaard, Poppy Mitchell, Kelly McPartland, Rocco Lopresti, Julien Dunn, Betty Jeffery, Charley Proksch, Helen Okey, Jye Barbara, Carol Marsden, Peter Johnsen and Lucinda Mitchell.  In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Dylan Holmes, Leora Kelly and Isabella Lopresti.  In the 5 kilometres the achievers were Scott Melgaard, Alan Andrews, Jared Searson, Angie Gannon and Selby Johnston.

The star of the night was Christian Proksch, who was awarded his 30-run shirt.  Christian is the fourth member of his family to achieve this reward.  This is a reflection of the attraction of the event in that parents and their young children can participate and have fun. Christian is pictured with wis family Jo, Charley and Leo.

Best wishes to our marathon runners Nev Madden, Anthony Miles and Morgan Pettit, who will be running next Sunday in the Canberra Running festival.  Also, we have Lauren Evans, Alan Andrews, Josh Connaughton and Gary Ashton running in the half marathon.

See you all next week at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Vaughn Gilligan 7.32
Riley Beby 8.08
Iona Kelly 8.22
Sunni West 8.41
Mitchell Beby 8.43
Rosie McPartland 8.51
Deakin McPartland 9.11
Tino Lopresti 9.12
Beau Melgaard 9.45
Amber Domeny 10.33
Poppy Melgaard 10.36
Zahlia Kelly 10.38
Poppy Mitchell 10.58
Emily Dickinson 11.01
Bruce Dickinson 11.02
Daisy West 11.44
Erin Domeny 12.32
Kelly McPartland 12.34
Rocco Lopresti 13.11
Laura Lopresti 13.13
Kat Johnston 13.14
Julien Dunn 14.22
Audrey Knobel 14.23
Anthony Knobel 14.25
Gab Smith 15.11
Betty Jeffery 15.26
Charley Proksch 15.40
Christian Proksch 15.41
Hugo Mitchell 16.19
Sabrina Mallard 16.20
Helen Okey 16.24
Jye Barbara 16.25
Carol Marsden 17.35
Victoria Fleming 18.33
Peter Johnsen 20.01
Lucinda Mitchell 20.47
Michelle Mitchell 20.47
Jo Pirro 20.53
Liz Pirro 20.53
Lotte Knobel 21.13
Regina Knobel 21.14
Roz Hayward 21.15
Barb Evans 23.27
Trish Eccles 23.28
Ashlee Beby 23.47
Michelle Beby 23.53
Leo Proksch 25.55
Jo Pollock 25.56

3.5 Kilometres

David West 19.27
Dylan Holmes 19.56
Leora Kelly 21.00
Ross Hayward 21.19
Isabella Lopresti 22.03
Elise Butler 22.57
Paul Searson 23.05
Tiffany Johnston 23.30
Robyn Kennedy 25.54
Steve Phipps 26.52
Richard Fisher 27.49
Bart Gannon 34.06

5 Kilometres
Scott Carver 21.00
Scott Melgaard 21.10
Harrison Gilligan 21.23
Bede Webster 21.40
Damian Lyons 22.31
Alan Andrews 22.48
Anthony Miles 24.38
Dave Connaughton 24.42
Louise Cox 24.54
Gary Ashton 24.57
Nev Madden 24.58
Jared Searson 25.03
Brock Gilligan 26.24
Julie De Ernsted 26.55
Morgan Pettit 26.56
Deb Connaughton 27.37
Angie Gannon 29.18
Johanna Dunn 30.18
Selby Johnston 30.28
Rob Ryan 30.34
John Hicks 31.25
Julianne Domeny 32.13
Mike Kennedy 35.20
Kathryn Jeffery 40.18

84 Starters

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