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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

6 December 2017

The course was wet and the rain returned to keep the 52 starters cool in the Wednesday evening Broulee run walk.  Mud, water holes and slippery descent did not deter the 4, who managed to record personal best times.  

Ruby Connor and Tiffany Johnston improved in the 2 kilometres. Selby Johnston made a family double by improving his time in the 3.5 kilometres.  Rob Ryan improved in the 5 kilometres for the second time in two weeks.

We welcomed the Mackay family of Marcus, Benji, Eva and Neil to their first outing with the group.

Daisy West (pictured with some of the other young runners) was awarded her 30-run shirt this evening.  She joins her mother Cathy and brother Sunni in achieving this milestone.  Her father David has to run 4 more times to complete the full set for the West family.

2 Kilometres

Ruby Connor 8.11
Tiffany Johnston 10.43
Eva Barker 12.05
Patrick Wade 12.32
Audrey Knobel 12.40
Alba Van Der Meulen 12.40
Anthony Knobel 12.41
Makayla Wade 13.26
Michelle Connor 13.31
Daisy West 13.53
Sean Costin 14.26
Elani Van Der Meulen 15.11
Dylan Van Der Meulen 15.13
Richard Fisher 17.46
Rachael Wade 18.16
Chris Wade 18.22
Nathan Costin 18.54
Nancy Costin 18.55
Cathy West 19.35
David West 19.36
Victoria Fleming 20.40
Roz Hayward 20.41
Regina Knobel 20.42
Aiden Johnsten 23.01
Kat Johnston 23.02
Marcus Mackay 26.59
Benji Mackay 26.59
Eva Mackay 27.00
Neil Mackay 27.00

3.5 Kilometres

Emma Patyus 17.28
Selby Johnston 19.48
Ross Hayward 21.47
Kathryn Jeffery 29.12
Susan Pettit 34.04

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.49
Andrew McPherson 20.32
Peter Clarke 21.49
Harrison Gilligan 22.48
Lauren Evans 22.55
Morgan Pettit 24.20
Adrian Connor 24.21
Greg Flood 24.29
Gary Matthews 24.30
Louise Cox 24.41
Gary Ashton 25.23
Nev Madden 25.24
Deb Connaughton 28.13
Paige Connaughton 28.36
Sunni West 29.31
Rob Ryan 33.54
Mike Kennedy 33.54
Dave Connaughton 38.45

52 starters

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