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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

27 September 2017

A strong North Easterly greeted the Broulee runners for our final 4.30pm time slot, this made it very difficult to even come close to achieving a personal best for most, however Erin and Julianne Domeny and Alba Van Der Meulen all improved.

With the start of the school holidays we welcomed a few runners that we don't see regularly due to other after school commitments throughout the year and some new faces that were in the area on holidays.

Pictured are Xavier and Alice O'Brien who had their first start to the group.

With the start of daylight saving this weekend we will revert to our 5pm starting time next Wednesday. See you all then.


Anna Hoskins 8.55
Erin Domeny 9.45 
Meg Davies 11.42
Amber Domeny 11.57
Alba VanDerMeulen 12.04
Chris Wade 14.16
Patrick Wade 14.16
Dylan VanDerMeulen 15.48
Alain VanDerMeulen 15.48
Nathan Costin 15.56
Jenny Graham 16.13
Phil Davier 16.21
Julienne Dunne 16.32
Sabrina Mallard 16.33
David McCann 17.25
Sean Costin 18.32
Charley Proksch 19.18
Christian Proksch 19.18
Makayla Wade 19.52
Rachel Wade 19.53
Jo Pirro 21.32
Liz Pirro 21.33
Leo Proksch 22.32
Jenny Pollock 22.35
Jo Pollock 22.36


Emma Patyus 16.42
Julianne Domeny 19.04
Xavier O'Brien 19.58
Alice O'Brien 19.58
Debbie Redman 26.46
Kathryn Jeffery 30.09
Maureen Searson 31.29


Dan Beby 18.20
Andrew McPherson 23.02
Anthony Miles 23.50
David Connaughton 24.38
Gary Ashton 24.42
Ellen Hosking 25.23
David Hosking 25.24
Dean Jackson 25.30
Nev Madden 26.16
Morgan Petit 26.24
Deb Connaughton    28.10
Paul Searson 32.38

44 Participants

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