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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

28 June 2017

The cold bite of winter tested the keenness of starters in this evening’s run & walk.  
Never the less 41 faced the starter with 8 achieving personal best times. Personal best times were recorded by Cathy West, Julianne Domeny, Patrick Wade, Andrew McPherson, Morgan Pettit, Greg Flood, Mary Anderson, and Tracey Denning.
We welcomed Allysson Jeffery (pictured with Mum Kathryn and son Travis) to her first appearance with the group.

The star of the evening was Julianne Domeny, who achieved her target of getting under 20 minutes in the 3.5 kilometres event. Julianne first run over this distance on 8 March this year with a time of 23.06.  She recently made the claim that she would run the 5 kilometres if she broke the 20-minute mark. She achieved this by running a time of 19.31.  She is role model for any young mother wanting to improve their fitness. 
She along with her daughters Amber and Erin are now regulars at the event.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Cathy West 8.43
Selby Johnston 10.06
Mitchell Beby 10.42
Daisy West 12.15
David West 12.15
Amber Domeny 13.13
Poppy Mitchell 13.49
Tiffany Johnston 14.03
Erin Domeny 14.05
Makayla Wade17.05
Travis Dunnett 17.13
Kathryn Jeffery 17.14
Allyson Jeffery 17.15
Hugo Mitchell 17.43
Michelle Mitchell 17.44
Victoria Fleming 17.48
Rachael Wade 19.13
Aiden Johnston 19.24
Cat Johnston 19.25
Ashlee Beby 21.54
Riley Beby 21.55
Daniel Beby 22.03
Charley Proksch 27.23
Christian Proksch 27.24
Leo Proksch 29.12
Jo Pollock 29.13

3.5 Kilometres

Sunni West 18.25
Julianne Domeny 19.31
Michelle Beby 19.44
Robyn Kennedy 24.48
Patrick Wade 29.56
Richard Fisher 30.13
Susan Pettit 31.49

5 Kilometres

Andrew McPherson 20.18
Morgan Pettit 23.19
Greg Flood 24.04
Dave Connaughton 25.55
Mary Anderson 26.08
Deb Connaughton 28.31
Tracey Denning 30.34
Mike Kennedy 35.20

41 starters

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