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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

14 June 2017

Excellent weather attracted 58 people to run or walk over the 3 distances on offer. Anyone who wants to test themselves or enjoy the company and experience of the most scenic course on the coast are always welcome.

Personal best times were recorded by Selby Johnston, Finn Kay, Mia Lasscock, Amy White, Travis Dunnett, Julianne Domeny, Jessica Flood, Daniel Beby, Tom Wells, Josh Connaughton, Aaron Flood, and Morgan Pettit.

The run of the evening was by Daniel Beby, who smashed his personal best in the 5 kilometres by 12 seconds to record the second fastest time over this distance. Matt Johnsen who raced at national and international level, holds the record of 15.51 set in 2014. 

Rhys Flood, who did a training run with us this evening, will be competing at state and national level this coming weekend and we wish him well in his events.

Pictured are the Connaughton family who have been coming along to the runners for the last ten years and is nice to see them all together when Josh and Paige are home.

See you all next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

Stephanie Lunn 8.12
Aiden Kay 9.15
Selby Johnston 9.42
Finn Kay 9.49
Bradley Lunn 9.50
Mia Lasscock 10.06
Simone Elliott 10.14
Sandra Lunn 10.20
Erin Domeny 10.51
Mitchell Beby 10.57
Amber Domeny 11.12
Amy White 11.22
Tiffany Johnston 11.28
Ashlee Beby 13.32
Michelle Beby 13.45
Audrey Knobel 15.07
Regina Knobel 15.08
Travis Dunnett 15.20 
Cathryn Jeffery 15.24
Victoria Fleming 16.13
Jamie Edwards 19.55
Damia O’Loughlin 19.55
Aiden Johnston 20.36
Cat Johnston 20.37
Charley Proksch 24.15
Jo Pollock 24.19
Leon Proksch 24.52
Christian Proksch 24.53

3.5 Kilometres

Bridget Lunn 16.09
Cameron Lunn 17.11
Sunni West 18.58
Rhys Flood 20.06
Michelle Mitchell 20.30
Luke Mitchell 20.31
Julianne Domeny 20.38
Jessica Flood 20.54
John Hicks 21.06
Lara Elliott 21.16
Scott Elliott 21.17

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 16.47
Tom Wells 18.38
Josh Connaughton 19.47
Scott Carver 20.21
Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.18
Aaron Flood 22.51
Jo Flood 22.52
Andrew McPherson 23.10
Adrian Connor 23.38
Morgan Pettit 23.44
Gary Ashton 24.09
Paige Connaughton 24.30
Greg Flood 24.33
Dave Connaughton 25.58
Mary Anderson 28.02
Deb Connaughton 28.20
Tracey Denning 31.25
Mike Kennedy 34.36
Richard Fisher 66.39

58 starters

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