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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

5 April 2017

This evening was the first run after the end of daylight saving and 55 people turned up at the winter time of 4.30 pm. Although the track was very wet in places it didn’t stop 12 personal best times being recorded.

We welcomed Chloe Stephens and Julian Antoniak to their first run with the group.  The 4 members of the Grant family (pictured) from Brisbane were back for their annual visit.

Those recording best times were Shayne Hargraves, Will Stone, Jessica Flood, Jonathon Antoniak, Tess and Dean Klower, Julianne Domeny, Julie De Ernsted, Morgan Pettit, and Byron, Myles and Gavin Grant.

Two of our runners, who have achieved excellence, were on show this afternoon after their outstanding achievements in the Australian junior track championships in Sydney.  
Jaylah Hancock-Cameron was second in the final of the 800 and 1500 metres and Rhys Flood was 3rd in the 2 kilometres steeplechase. Congratulations to you both on such an amazing achievement.

Don't forget our new start time is 4.30 pm see you next week.

2 Kilometres
Shayne Hargaves 7.39
Will Stone 7.50
Stephanie Lunn 8.04
Jaylah Hancock-Cameron 8.22
Rhys Flood 9.25
Jessica Flood 9.26
Jo Flood 9.26
Sandra Lunn 9.56
Ann Salmon 10.09
Jonathon Antoniak 11.02
Mitchell Beby 11.02
KA Whyte 11.28
Amber Domeny 12.53
Poppy Mitchell 13.04
Michelle Mitchell 13.05
David McCann 15.27
Chloe Stephens 18.24
Roz Hayward 18.48
Victoria Fleming 18.48
Maureen Searson 19.53
Audrey Knobel 20.10
Hugo Mitchell 20.10
Reginal Knobel 20.10
Luke Mitchell 20.10
Susan Pettit 21.24
Julien Dunne 23.39
Sabrina Mallard 23.39
Charley Proksch 24.41
Jo Pollock 24.43
Leo Proksch 24.54
Christian Proksch 24.55

3.5 Kilometres

Rowan Grant 18.04
Tess Klower 18.15
Dean Klower 18.16
Julian Antoniak 20.48
Lisa Dixon 21.20
Julianne Domeny 22.00
Mike Kennedy 23.34
Lisa Robbins 25.41
Roger Britton 26.19
Ross Hayward 26.20
Richard Fisher 28.53
Cathryn Jeffery 29.43

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.44
Byron Grant 23.11
Myles Grant 23.15
Gary Ashton 23.24
Adrian Connor 23.42
Dave Connaughton 24.13
Greg Flood 25.25
Gavin Grant 25.45
Morgan Pettit 25.53
Deb Connaughton 28.45
Julie De Ernsted 29.30
Paul Searson 32.23

55 starters

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