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Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 October 2016

Good conditions greeted the 27 starters for the first run at the commencement of Day Light Saving.  Beach and school holidays kept the numbers down.

It was a family affair as the Wades had 4 starters, followed by the Mitchells, McPhersons and Lunns with 3 starters.  Sandra Lunn was very excited as she lowered her 3.5 kilometre personal best by 5 seconds.

We welcomed Jan Baker to her first run with the group and  Dietmar Mothes on holidays from Germany came along to meet some locals and participate in the 5km event.

A reminder that our start time has now reverted to 5pm for the day light saving season. See you all next Wednesday.

2 Kilometres

Alba Van Der Meulen13.25
Poppy Mitchell 13.25
Dylan Van Der Meulen 13.26
Hugo Mitchell 13.43
Michelle Mitchell 13.44
Declan McPherson 15.21
Richard Fisher 15.50
Patrick Wade 16.12
Makayla Wade 16.23
Chris Wade 16.27
Jan Baker 16.41
Bruce Allison 18.12
Rachael Wade 18.37
Nina McPherson 20.13
Andrew McPherson 20.14

3.5 Kilometres

Riley Beby 18.18
Sandra Lunn 20.47   PB
Robyn Kennedy 26.41

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.47
Jo Flood 22.52
Ellen Hosking 24.25
Dave Connaughton 24.59
Nev Madden 25.18
Dietmar Mothes 25.39
Greg Flood 25.46
Deb Connaughton 27.25
Stephanie Lunn 28.40

27 Starters

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