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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

26 October 2016

Strong winds slowed the pace down in this evening’s Broulee Run for the 47 starters.

We welcomed Christian Proksch, who joined his family for the event.

Other notables were Victoria Fleming, returning from overseas and Michael Whiteman, who is visiting his mother in Mossy Point.

Daniel Beby broke the magic 18-minute mark once again and Dan Lloyd-Jones is returning to fitness and hopes to get under that mark by the end of the year as he gets back to full training.

Adrian Connor continues to impress as he is increasing his training to challenge himself in the longer triathlon distances.

Well done to you all see you next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometres

Riley Nimmo 8.14
Riley Beby 8.38
Stella Lloyd-Jones 11.07
Mitchell Beby 11.18
Monty Lloyd-Jones 11.39
Karen Motyka 11.43
Emily Dickinson 12.38
Bruce Dickinson 12.39
Carissa Morgan 13.38
Janelle Morgan 13.39
Daisy West 14.49
Cathy West 14.50
Declan McPherson 15.48
Andrew McPherson 15.49
Patrick Wade 16.14
Makayla Wade 17.47
Rachael Wade 17.54
Naomi Nimmo 18.35
Julian Nimmo 18.36
Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 19.39
Lisa Lloyd-Jones 20.31
Charley Proksch 20.38
Jo Pollock 20.40
Victoria Fleming 21.46
Roz Hayward 21.46
Ashley Beby 23.30
Michelle Beby 23.31
Nina McPherson 23.50
Michelle McPherson 23.50
Leo Proksch 33.05
Christian Proksch 33.06

3.5 Kilometres

Jaymz Motyka 16.49
Max Motyka 17.48
Ross Hayward 19.31
Kim Young 23.12
Mike Kennedy 25.56
Richard Fisher 35.28

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.28
Dan Lloyd-Jones 18.45
Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.50
Adrian Connor 23.20
Michael Whiteman 23.49
Dave Connaughton 24.21
Greg Flood 25.28
Nev Madden 25.39
Jasper Motyka 28.13
Deb Connaughton 28.16

47 Starters

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