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Thursday, August 18, 2016

10 August 2016

The warmer weather brought out 51 starters in this evening’s run.

Personal best times were recorded in the 2 kilometres by Ziggy and Zed Clare; Rafael Dyson; Makayla Wade; Poppy, Michelle and Hugo Mitchell; Alba and Dylan Van Der Meulen and in the 5 kilometres by Paul Searson.

The Clare boys ran the event in bare feet and given that it was over various surfaces they were only able to show the other runners a dirty pair of heals!

We welcomed Jamie and Neil Edwards to their first run with the group.

Ross Hayward and sisters Kim and Kylie Young will be competing in the Sydney City to Surf this coming Sunday.

Klaye and Gerad Van Weerdenburg will contest the Huskie half marathon in a fortnight.
Although looking forward to the event the boys admit that at this stage it is a little early in their preparation.

2 Kilometres
Ziggy Clare 7.10
Zed Clare 8.02
Oliver Dyson 9.04
Callum Elliott 9.14
Rafael Dyson 10.20
Bruce Dickinson 10.21
Lara Elliott 10.55
Scott Elliott 10.56
Bridget Whipp 12.10
Kim Young 12.37
Makayla Wade 12.55
Poppy Mitchell 13.02
Michelle Mitchell 13.04
Hugo Mitchell 13.05
Alba Van Der Meulen 13.19
Dylan Van Der Meulen 13.20
Stella Lloyd-Jones 13.30
Katie Patyus 13.39
Leila Patyus 13.40
Emma Patyus 13.41
Jamie Edwards 13.54
Damia O’Loughlin 13.56
Patrick Wade 13.58
Neil Edwards 14.04
Roz Hayward 14.38
Ellie Van Weerdenburg 14.59
Lily Van Weerdenburg 15.06
Melissa Van Weerdenburg 15.07
Rachael Wade 17.59
David McCann 16.10
Mitchell Beby 18.48
Ashlee Beby 21.54
Michelle Beby 21.55
Tina Clare 25.54
Megan Dyason 25.57

3.5 Kilometres
Mark Lavender 16.32
Riley Beby 16.56
Shayne Hargraves 17.11
Greg Flood 17.25
Ross Hayward 20.06
Hayden Louttit 21.56
Robyn Kennedy 25.32
Richard Fisher 28.20

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.48
Jerom Stocks 24.06
Nev Madden 27.06
Klaye Van Weerdenburg 28.05
Gerard Van Weerdenburg 29.05
Kylie Young 29.15
Paul Searson 30.37
Mike Kennedy 32.14

51 Starters

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