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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

15 June 2016

The crisp clear conditions allowed for the runners to test themselves as of the 52 starters there were 15 personal best times.

It was family affair with improvements coming in pairs as Paul and Maureen Searson, Nina and Annika Thorne and Carissa and Steve recording personal best times.

James Dickinson and Tayah Hancock stormed home first and second in a strong field in the 2 kilometre distance.  Young promising athletes Stephanie Lunn and Shayne Hargraves also showed their class in this event.

Paige Connaughton on holidays from her studies in Melbourne showed that she is returning to her best form with an excellent run in the 5 kilometres with a few seconds from the best time set in twelve months ago. Paige is training for her first half marathon to be held next month in Melbourne, we look forward to hearing how you go.

Finally we have reached our shortest week of the year so it will be nice to see a little bit more daylight each evening from here on in.

Pictured are all our younger runners with lots of energy before their start.

See you next Wednesday at 4.30pm.

2 Kilometres

James Dickinson 7.42
Tayah Hancock 7.47
Stephanie Lunn 8.00
Shayne Hargraves 8.06
Riley Beby 8.09
Nina Thorne 8.52
Damia O’Loughtin 8.56
Bruce Dickinson 10.07
Annika Thorne 11.17
Anita Saeck 11.18
Mitchell Beby 12.27
Sue Hargraves 12.32
Jayda Edwards 13.22
Naomi Nimmo 14.01
Roz Hayward 14.07
Meah Hancock 15.25
Kylie Preston 15.27
Emily Dickinson 15.28
Poppy Mitchell 15.41
Victoria Fleming 15.45
Alba Van Der Meulen 15.46
Michelle Mitchell 15.47
Archie Hancock 15.49
Lisa Hancock 15.50
Elani Van Der Meulen 18.02
Karlee Van Der Meulen 18.03
Regina Knobel 19.22
Audrey Knobel 19.24
Hugo Mitchell 20.13
Luke Mitchell 20.13

3.5 Kilometres

Riley Nimmo 17.17
Cameron Lunn 17.30
Charlie Jones 17.30
Marty Jones 17.31
Paul Searson 20.13
Janelle Morgan 20.25
Hayden Louttit 22.14
Kim Young 23.59
Robyn Kennedy 26.54
Richard Fisher 27.20
Carissa Morgan 29.14
Steve Morgan 29.15
Maureen Searson 30.48

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 18.08
Dylan Van Der Meulan 21.37
Dave Connaughton 24.07
Andrew McPherson 24.11
Paige Connaughton 24.36
Greg Flood 24.57
Deb Connaughton 27.15
Ross Hayward 29.00
Mike Kennedy 32.02

54 Starters

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