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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

13 January 2016

Another great evening for the Broulee Runners saw 72 people participate in this active event.

We had visitors from Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra join us this week. It was great to see the Golds and Buttifant families from Melbourne join us.  They have been regulars for at least 7 years.

The Slater girls from Sydney showed some class in the 5 kilometre event finishing just in front of local champion Joanne Flood.

Lucy Hincksman, who is an outstanding junior athletic, equalled her personal best in the 2 kilometre.  Lucy is now resident in Canberra and has achieved great things in 2015.

Daniel Beby, who is one of the most outstanding triathletes in the district, recorded his 30th run this evening and was awarded his shirt. In the photo we have baby Ashley, mum Michelle, Mitchell and under the cap Riley, the big hat is friend Bill Eppulsten and Daniel Beby.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm, everyone welcome.

2 Kilometre event

Lucy Hincksman7.21
James Dickinson 8.39
Gracie Pembroke 8.46
Bill Eppelstun8.47
Riley Beby9.38
Aidan O’Connor 9.54
Alice Hincksman 9.55
Jane Hincksman10.02
Oscar Livermore 10.39
Jill Brown10.55
Mary Kearns12.22
Mollie Kennedy12.23
Chris Wade12.43
Alice Livermore 13.22
Emily Dickinson 13.31
Samson Kennedy13.33
Bruce Dickinson 13.34
Sam Kearns13.40
Maxine Plant13.48
Margaret Dickinson 13.57
Patrick Wade14.58
Ruby Connor16.20
Adrian Connor16.24
Victoria Fleming 17.39
Roz Hayward17.42
Makayla Wade18.10
Rachael Wade18.24
Mitchell Beby19.45
Penny Kearns20.20
Michelle Beby20.21
Ashley Beby20.22
Emma Kennedy20.40
Sarah Kearns20.41
Ashlin O’Connor 22.48
Ruby Livermore22.49

3.5 Kilometres event

Rhys Flood14.23
Gary Ashton16.13
Kylie Young17.36
Greg McDonald18.07
Gabby Golds19.01
Madeleine Buttifant19.18
Mike Kennedy22.30
Kerry Evans23.23
Vicki Haselden23.23
Kim Young24.35
Robyn Kennedy28.10

5 Kilometres event

Daniel Beby17.55
Anthony Kennedy18.31
Katie Slater20.14
Will Golds20.53
Geoff Hawke21.11
Matt Lambert21.20
Greg Leach21.25
Penny Slater21.36
Harry Buttifant 21.50
Rodger Klopak22.27
Jo Flood22.31
Dennis Olver 22.57
Jonny Olver 23.09
Mark Buttifant23.15
Deb Livermore23.39
Thomas Buttifant 24.31
Paige Connaughton 24.35
Graham Hincksman 25.03
Greg Flood25.17
Scott Rigby26.09
Dave Connaughton 26.35
Alice Leach26.41
Nev Madden27.05
Deb Connaughton27.28
James Gold30.39
Richard Fisher47.50

72 starters

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