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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

18 November 2015

This evening was the best conditions that the Broulee Runners have experience for some time and as a results we attracted 43 starters.

We welcomed Scott Belcher and Stephen Phipps as new starters to the event.  Tom Wells came back to experience the event for his second run to see what it was like in ideal conditions.  He liked the conditions and reduced his 5 kilometre time by 156 seconds.  Victoria Fleming fresh from her overseas holiday reduced her 2 kilometre time by 13 seconds.

We congratulate Kim Wignell on completing her 30th run (Kim is pictured with son Hugh and Ruby Connor. Michelle Beby, was the star of her family of 5 recording a personal best of more than 5 minutes in the 2 kilometres.

A number of our runners are participating in a triathlon this weekend. After months of training we wish Kim Young, Stephen Phipps and Gary Ashton the best of luck in their various events, we look forward to hearing your results next week.

See you all next Wednesday at 5pm.

2 Kilometre event

Hugh Wignell8.18
Riley Beby8.40
Bruce Dickinson9.59
Leila Patyus10.18
Stephanie Lunn10.21
Bradley Lunn10.43
Sandra Lunn10.47
Kim Wignell10.52
Mitchell Beby12.20
Michelle Beby12.21
Patrick Wade15.53
Chris Wade16.02
Veronica Fleming17.03
Ashley Beby19.06
Daniel Beby19.07
Riley Nimmo19.08
Katie Patyus19.43
Emma Patyus19.43
Ken Davis19.45
Makayla Wade19.49
Rachael Wade20.11

3.5 Kilometres event

Gary Ashton16.10
Scott Belcher18.02
Gary Griffiths19.47
Julian Nimmo20.24
Cameron Lunn20.34
Kim Young22.23
Annie Johnsen22.36
Mike Kennedy23.12
David McCann30.24

5 Kilometres event

Tom Wells19.35
Dan Lloyd-Jones20.23
Matt Lambert21.50
Adrian Connor23.20
Andrew McPherson23.21
Scott Rigby24.45
Mark Lavender25.05
Dave Connaughton25.14
Paige Connaughton27.41
Stephen Phipps28.12
Deb Connaughton28.21
John Hicks28.32
Richard Fisher58.30

43 starters

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